What information will you require from me? How can I get that information to you? 

When you book a service with me you will be taken to a form for that particular service. There, you will provide me the questions you seek to be answered and I'll collect the majority of the information I'll need from you. 

I've run out of space on the booking form. How can I give you more information that you'll need? 

Although the forms have been created with extra boxes for you to supply more questions, comments, etc., you can send more through the chat option if needed. For animal communications, you will use this option to send photos of the animal I'm communicating with.

Why do you need the state that I'm living in?

The state is only required if I need to reach out to you for alternate call times. If I am going to suggest a different call time for whatever reason, I will always present the options in your time zone.

On the other hand, it helps me to create a link to the animal I'm communicating with when I know which area of the world it's living in. 

Animal Communication Sessions

Will you need a photo of the animal you're communicating with?

I will need one good photo of the animal you'd like me to communicate with for all animal communications. Preferably, the photo will be of the animal's face. The booking form provides the email that the photo(s) can be sent to.

Do you provide end-of-life communications for free?

I only offer this free service to the clients who book a They Have A Say session with me. 

If I wanted more information about my pet's backstory, could I get that in one of the Focused Animal Communications?
The purpose of the focused animal communications is to get to the bottom of very specific questions. If its important to know why an animal is exhibiting a particular behavior, I may ask the animal a little more about it's history. If the animal has begun its journey to the Rainbow Bridge, it is less likely I'll need to ask the animal about its history. If you want to know more about your animal's backstory, a general animal communication would be the best way to receive it. 

How long does an animal communication take?

Focused animal communications can run anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes. General communications can run up to 45 minutes, depending on how many questions I'm asking the animal. If me or the animal needs a break due to the number of questions being asked from either party, I will break up the communication. 

When do you perform the animal communication?

I will communicate with the animal within five hours of the scheduled call with the owner. If the owner has booked an early morning call in Hawaii or a See Through The Trees session, then I will communicate with the animal within 24 hours of the scheduled call. If a Hopeful Reunions session has been booked, I will communicate with the animal as soon as I receive the booking*.

How do you communicate with the animal?

I communicate with your animal through a telepathic connection. I begin the process by connecting with the animal through the photo you provide. Once a connection has been formed, animals generally flash images to me, however, I pick up on sensations being mirrored on my own body from them and at times I may smell things if it's pertinent to what the animal is communicating. My human brain then formulates the words to help me understand what the animal is saying and that is what I convey to you. As for me asking the questions: I ask the questions as simply as I can with my thoughts, but at times, I will use imagery to convey a particular thought if needed. 

*I am on HST which is three to four hours behind PST/five to six hours behind EST, depending on Daylight Savings. This will affect when I receive the notification in relation to when you make the booking.