Crystal Castellanos

Whether communicating with your animals or the spirits on your behalf, I offer my services with an open heart and with the desire to help you connect with the beings in your world. I am grateful and honored to be able to serve you and your animals. With my hand extended, I am ready to walk this bridge with you.

To learn a little more about who I am, where I come from and how I think, I'm sharing a list of my current thoughts, some photos I hold dear from my time working with wolves, and a deeper dive into why I'm offering my gifts through Raven Bridging.

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What You See 
Is What You Get

As I continue to learn and grow, this list will change. For now, this is me. If you'd like to know more, I've been pretty open on social media

Just Because

  • I gave up identifying myself as a “dog person” long ago. I love dogs (especially pitties), cats (of all types), and corvids (especially ravens and juniper jays). I also love wolves, tigers, lions, manta rays and whales. Octopuses are so freaking cool — one day I will meet one. 

  • Tattoos are sexy. I love all of my tattoos. I have reserved spots for future tats, some of which have been planned for years.  

  • My pride doesn’t get bruised if an animal doesn’t like me. Sadly, I have not mastered this ability of giving no fucks with humans. Either way, I can easily respect that my energy won’t mesh well with others and when I can look at it from this vantage point, it’s a little easier.  

  • Physical touch is essential. I love hugs and hand-holding with loved ones. 


You Should Know

  • I'm one of those animal lovers who actually loves being around other humans. I'm just choosy with who those humans are.

  • I am human. Due to that fact, I will make mistakes. I'm limited to the experience I've gained within the life I've led. I will not pretend to have it all figured out, or always have the cleanest way to relay it to you. It doesn't negate my ability to tap into a current that most of us are not utilizing. At the very least, I can point you in a direction and you will ultimately choose where to go from there.   

  • With that being said, I blow people away with my ability to communicate clearly with animals from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

  • Although I speak woo-woo, I am not entirely woo-woo. There’s a little bit there that I am attempting to boot out from my system from the initial years of “getting onto the path,” but am grateful for all of it. As I continue to learn and grow, I'm discerning what's important and what's just nonsense. Unfortunately, there's a lot of nonsense out there, so this brain is getting a lot of exercise. >.<


Some Thoughts

  • My stance on the whole “spirit animal” thing: People of any culture can have a main animal(s) spirit that guide them. If you're open to it, I believe that certain animals make themselves known to you at certain times in your life and they may or may not stick with you forever. I’m not so sure that the wolf and raven have always been with me, but they are now and that matters a great deal to me. Please notice how I did not call them my spirit animals. They are not mine. I did not choose them. I was reluctant as hell to ever identify with the wolf being an animal guide because I saw way too many people call the wolf their "spirit animal." Barf. It's taken me almost a decade to finally accept that the wolf spirit is a powerful influence for me. Freaking woo-woo people are killing the deeper meaning of "spirit animal." -_-

  • I feel that too often people put non-human-animals on a pedestal as if they were these incredible light-beings who could never do any wrong. I love animals as much as the next person, but they can be assholes too. Just sayin'.

Life Right Meow

  • Due to a recent life change, I have no photos of myself with animals that aren't canids. Yet! I'm working on it. In the meantime, plenty of photos with old wolf and wolfdog pals adorn my website.

  • I have yet to start spending time with other animals in Hawaii — but know that the time will come when it's aligned.

  • Sadly, I do not have a pet where I'm currently living. I make do by interacting with a beautiful stray cat who has major torti-tude and gleefully jumping at the opportunity to dog-sit for the neighbor.  

Irrelevant Background

  • Yoga was the best thing I ever chose for myself. It started me on a healing journey that has completely changed my life — and continues to. 

  • I see the world through the lens of animism.

  • Each morning, I honor deities of different cultures and talk to all of my spirit allies and helpers. 

Long-lasting Gifts From Canids

I was a Director of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for more than five years. My time living and working with canids shaped who I am today. Through our interaction, I truly learned about life and death — and finally got over my BS in regard to calling myself an animal communicator. Consciously choosing to end my time with them, I finally got over my BS in regard to the power of divinations. To all of those “people” — I love you so much. Thank you!

Animal Communications

In most of my time with the rescues at a wolf sanctuary, I really struggled with identifying as someone who could communicate with animals. It wasn't until near the end of my career with them that I began to call myself an animal communicator. Even still, it was hard to call myself one despite all the of the years of actual communications with the canid rescues and wildlife like ravens, elk, and vultures.


 The most impactful communications occurred in times that the animals aged and neared the end of their life. Although difficult, I understood how important it was to listen to them and share with the humans, who were projecting their fears around death onto the rescues, what they were saying.

It took me a long time to understand that the pain felt by the humans were mostly never about the animals themselves. It took me less time to see how much of a difference it made to the peace I felt in my soul when I listened to the animals' wishes vs the pain I felt when I was stuck in my own emotions about the matter.

It wasn't easy though.

I've walked away from a wolf's habitat, tears falling like waterfalls down my cheeks, knowing that night would be the last time I saw him alive. Meanwhile, someone stayed back with him telling him not to go. That hurt me, angered me. I know that it was pain talking, but the animal was so strong in his decision that I just felt that it was such a slap in the face of that animal's desire to leave. His knowing had no fear. He was resolute. It was heartbreaking but as much as I loved him, I knew by this time that I could trust in my communication with him and knew that he would be gone by the morning. He was.


It was heartbreaking to watch an animal absolutely refuse euthanasia assistance because he wanted to do it on his own. He was a strong-willed being and it wasn't surprising that he wanted to go on his own. I visited him twice a day in his last days to ask him if he wanted help. I would show him in my mind what would occur — a needle penetrating a vein in one of his limbs. He would literally pick up his head and growl at me. Each time, wearing me away a little more because I wanted him to be ready, but respectful of his decision. It was relieving when he did eventually ask for help and there was no mistaking it. He stretched out his front leg and closed his eyes. I scrambled to get the supplies ready while a previous caretaker said her goodbyes. It was beautiful to have helped him in such a peaceful way but more than anything, I'm happy it was on his terms.

I will likely have many moments of doubt about my ability to communicate with animals, but I won't struggle against the fact that I can and do. I've had too many confirmations to truly deny it any longer.

I speak on behalf of the "voiceless."

I am hell bent on letting other animals be heard by those who love them. It's mighty important to me to get it out there that it is possible. I truly look forward to providing the humans who care deeply about those animals some semblance of peace with these communications and strengthening their relationships with them.





For whatever reason, oracle decks and tarot decks just kept finding themselves as gifts for me. I received nine decks in less than a year! At some point, I started making a daily habit of pulling cards for myself. Eventually, I consecrated the decks to particular spirits and once I did that, the readings completely changed for me. The readings became more concrete and at times, a little bit too much "Get your head out of your ass!" to the point that one particular deck scared me. As much as I understand it's place, I don't like tough love and that deck's spirit has a very keen way of being one that does much of his teaching through tough love. 

As my relationship with the decks and their spirits evolved, I started to remember my lineage in a whole new way. I found through connections with my Elevated Ancestors that it was in my bones for generations. Although it wasn't completely forgotten, I began to remember that I lived with a master card reader as a teenager. People from all over the world came to her reading room for guidance. It's only now, many years after she's passed on, that I can finally appreciate the relationship she had with the spirit who helped her with that deck and with giving those clients what they needed at those times.


Readings have been super helpful for me in getting clarity when I'm stuck in my head or stuck in fear and have no clear way through to the next step. Life has it's sticky moments. Its not always easy to listen to our inner guidance. I haven't gone through major trauma, but I've gone through enough of my own personal growth to know that it's hard to do it on our own. 

It's helpful to know that you're not alone. It's helpful to get outside perspective when you're standing too close to the tree to see the forest. I've always found great pleasure in being of service and helping others. By providing readings to others, I feel that I can be of help in a way I've never been able to before.